• "Ron Woods became our financial planner in June 2003. I (Wanda) had retired in August 2000. I worked with an advisor that placed all of my funds at risk. During the stock market downturn, I lost more than half of my retirement savings, funds that we had planned to use for a comfortable retirement. Ron came along at the right time and helped me secure the money that was left. With Ron's help, I have started the process of rebuilding my money. The staff at Estate Planning Enterprises has been there for me through all of this process. I can rely on them to be there for me."
  • Jack and Wanda Dickens
  • "Ron Woods became my financial advisor in 2000. I had all of my money in mutual funds. Ron explained to me that at my age, I should not have any funds at risk. In May 2000, Ron helped me move my money into safety. I would have lost most of my money in the 2000 stock market crash. Ron also helped me with long-term care insurance, and just recently helped me obtain additional income through a reverse mortgage. I am now in excellent financial condition for the future."
  • Betty Hester